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Where To Go? (Decision Day Tip Inside!)

College Decision Day is near! Is your daughter committed to and excited by where she'll be a BGOC in the fall or, is she in the middle of making one of the most important decisions of her life? And let's be honest, it is HER DECISION. Despite your desire for her to attend your alma mater or a specific school, as her parent/guardian, do your best to give her the space to make the best decision for herself. This decision will be one of the first she'll be making on her road to becoming an independent young woman, an important characteristic to have once she hits the grounds of the college campus of her choice! ____ Decision Day Tip! If your daughter is struggling with making a decision, suggest she consider the following: ___ Q: At whatever school she chooses, will there be opportunities for her to grow as a person? ___ A: Personal experience informs my perspective, college is where young adults grow as individuals - personally, professionally and mentally. Deciding what groups, clubs, activities to participate in on campus, classes to take and probably most importantly - having to advocate for herself with professors, the financial aid office, for opportunities for advancement (internships, study abroad, summer jobs, etc..) WITHOUT the assistance of her personal superheroes (read: you, her parents) replete with your flowing capes behind you 🤗💪🏾. She should ask herself: Does the school have a strong alumni network that can help her when it's time to start looking for a job? A robust career center? Do they offer specialized programming where she may be able to graduate with both her BA/BS and Masters? Do study abroad opportunities exist? Can they school help secure internship opportunities in her field of choice? Does the school have established programming in line with your daughter's academic &!extracurricular interests? ___ A tried and true "pros vs. cons" list is a great way to see in black & white how a school shakes out in the decision-making process. Ultimately, your daughter shouldn't overlook her gut, in most instances, it typically won't lead you wrong!

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